ISC Workforce Management is About People 

  • The People Who Work With You

  • The People Who Contact You

  • The People Who Run Your Company

Our Workforce Management software was developed, tested and refined to schedule thousands of agents working across multiple times zones and with a variety of work rules. Today’s world class ISC WFM service is based on that experience. Let us incorporate the same high-end workforce management into your business.
Small and medium size companies with contact centers can now benefit from the increased WFM efficiency and smoother operations that was previously available only to large organizations.
Partnering with ISC is more cost effective than doing WFM in-house. It’s more efficient and comprehensive. We guarantee you will achieve and experience the superior WFM and job training that we’ve provided clients for over 25 years.



ISC Workforce Management as an Online Service

Whoever your contact center customers are, you can be sure that they will arrive in peaks and valleys, and they will expect a prompt response when they arrive. Whatever your agents do, you can be sure that there will be work preferences, rules that limit when they can be scheduled, and unplanned changes after the schedule is created.

Workforce Management software is the tool that helps you manage this challenging situation to achieve an efficient, smooth-running contact center.

ISC Workforce Management Online service is delivered as a monthly subscription via the Internet. ISC WFM Online can be implemented for your center in as little as one week. You can access and manage your contact data, schedules and metrics – maintained on secure cloud servers – whenever and wherever you choose, with no special access fees ever…

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ISC Workforce Management as an Enterprise Dedicated System

When your organization has special needs that rule out an online solution – for example to integrate with other internal systems, accommodate customizations, meet disaster recovery or security constraints – an Enterprise dedicated system is the answer to your Workforce Management needs.

ISC Enterprise Workforce Management service is delivered as licensed software. It employs the same Internet technology as ISC Online, but it runs within your corporate network. ISC Enterprise Workforce Management includes Real Time Management and Planning options…

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Training for Performance

ISC believes your investment in training should achieve levels of performance that contribute directly to your company’s overall success. ISC believes that improvements achieved through training should be measured, sustained, and linked directly your company’s financial and service goals.

Our training development and evaluation methods will provide demonstrable, enhanced performance that your managers can rely on — and your customers and employees will appreciate.

We call our development process Training for Performance…

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