ISC Workforce Management is All About People …

The People Who Work With You

The People Who Contact You

The People Who Run Your Company

ISC’s Workforce Management solution has helped contact centers of all sizes achieve their scheduling and service goals for over 15 years.

Originally developed for operations with thousands of agents in multiple times zones, today’s world-class product makes large-scale efficiencies and sophisticated features available to small and medium size companies, too.

Let us incorporate high-end workforce management into your business.

We guarantee that our proprietary Workforce Management technology will provide measurable improvements your managers can rely on, and your customers and agents will appreciate.

It’s about more than just providing the ultimate in Workforce Management and technical services. The added benefit is the experienced developers and customer service people at ISC who make it all work for your people – your team and your customers.

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ISC Workforce Management Cloud Service

SECURE cloud servers will connect you to your Internet accessible account where all your contact data and schedules are managed, and performance metrics quickly accessed – available 24/7/365.

We can implement our ISC Workforce Management system in as little as one week. Your team will become highly trained, and always expertly assisted by us.

Our entire service is provided with a monthly subscription fee – within a month to month agreement. There are no extra fees – just increased performance metrics that are measured in real time. We are confident that this will ensure the longevity of our professional services with you.

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ISC Workforce Management Enterprise System

LARGER corporations often have special needs that require a specialized and customizable approach. Our call center WFM system can integrate seamlessly with your other internal systems, and meet disaster recovery or certain security constraints.

Delivered as licensed software – employing the same technology as our ISC Online Service – but with connectivity to your own corporate network.

ISC Enterprise Workforce Management includes the ultimate degree of real time management and planning options.

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ISC Workforce Management Schedule For Me Service

SCHEDULE FOR ME is custom designed to meet the needs of smaller contact centers who want quality professional scheduling without the cost of employing a full time internal scheduling staff.

ISC will forecast contacts & handle times, calculate required workforce, and create optimized schedules.  Your company will have full access to ISC Workforce Management capabilities that are overseen remotely by our team of WFM specialists.

This will increase performance, productivity and personalization for your team – and decrease cost, time and effort for your brand.

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Training for Performance Links to Company-Wide Goals

ISC believes your investment in training should achieve levels of performance that contribute directly to your company’s overall success. ISC believes that improvements achieved through training should be measured, sustained, and linked directly your company’s financial and service goals.

Our training development and evaluation methods will provide demonstrable, enhanced performance that your managers can rely on — and your customers and employees will appreciate.

We call our development process Training for Performance…

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