ISC Workforce Management is a full service consulting firm specializing in workforce management solutions, training development and process management for contact centers and other businesses related to customer service. The company is a division of Instructional Systems Co., Inc., and is incorporated in New York State. For over thirty years, ISC has been dedicated to providing measurable, sustainable improvements in the performance of people, processes, and technologies that shape the customer experience.

WFM Software / Management / Documentation

ISC also provides mission-critical software, management systems design and systems documentation for clients in the telecom, financial services and insurance industries.

We take pride in being a highly responsive company that offers focused solutions for a forward-looking clientele. Providing measurable results for investments in performance is our primary goal.

Our clients expect more than generic help-desk answers — they rely on specialized support that draws on years of collective experience with a wide range of business environments and issues.

Decades of Workforce Management Experience

ISC has developed management systems and training programs used by over 160,000 contact center agents, supervisors, and managers.

Our team understands your environment and works to assure you achieve the optimum results for your specific performance, service and budgetary goals. We gauge our success by your success. ISC becomes a part of your team — whenever you need us.

ISC Guarantees Results

ISC provides measurable results. We measure and demonstrate the effectiveness of our training, process consulting, and proprietary workforce management solutions in your workplace.

We guarantee you will achieve the results that we promise.

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I now use ISC customer support as the benchmark by which I measures all customer support. Very, very few, come up to the bar for customer service that ISC set helping me.

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