When a call center agent answers the customer’s call there is one big difference maker that will determine the quality and success of the conversation — TRAINING!

We believe that training must deliver improvements that can be measured, sustained, and linked directly your company’s service and financial goals. Call center representatives create the connectivity between your organization and the public. These conversations throughout the day shape and determines what your company’s brand actually is. The customer’s experience can easily make them become an enthusiastic brand advocate – or a harsh critic to anyone who will listen!

The best contact center management does everything possible to ensure that the call touch point between the brand and the customer is always the best it can be. Higher levels of performance contribute directly to your total company’s success. To consistently accomplish this, contact center agents AND their management need professional training – and ISC is the experienced expert, ready and available to provide Training for Performance.

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Congratulations ISC! The trainees not only thoroughly enjoyed the session but also walked away with a much better understanding of the principles of workforce management.


Together, we determine the training trajectory — and how we will evaluate success.


We create training materials, reference documentation, and tools to measure and evaluate trainee performance.


We customize training materials, reference documentation, and tools to measure and evaluate trainee performance. All computer- based materials are compatible with your in-house Learning Management systems.

Tryout and Revision

We train and test real employees or coach your instructors for an evaluated trial delivery.


We train your instructors and we provide management orientation. ISC provides highly qualified instructors to deliver training sessions on a schedule that meets your business needs.
We track trainee performance to maintain quality control of the training process and identify changing training requirements, and ISC produces deliverables that will become a valuable and lasting asset for your management, planning, and training activities.
ISC Training for Performance is all about people, and we show everyone in your call center how to connect with the voice on the other end of the line. Interacting with YOUR brand will be the experience that customers want to have. Person to person.