Cloud Service

Cloud Service

More Than Just a Comprehensive Software System

ISC WFM Cloud Service is so much more than scheduling software. There are currently many of THOSE to choose from, often from new companies having programmers write code to create a functional algorithm.

The ISC difference is that — not only is our proprietary software the best available — our experience in workforce management and call center forecasting / scheduling is absolutely second to none! It spans decades. From national Fortune 500 companies to regional organizations.

And THIS is what we’ve learned most about workforce management: It’s ALL about people!

Call centers are more than just a continuous series of incoming and outgoing phone calls. It is the one-to-one connectivity between your organization and your current customers, or desired prospects. In an age where opinions reverberate loudly across a digital landscape — each and every contact with your company has the potential to create a strong magnetic bond between valued customers and YOUR brand. Well trained, happy call center agents create a person to person conduit of positive brand reinforcement.

The opposite is an unsuccessful customer service interaction — and possible subsequent reputation management issues that can instantly happen.

ISC knows the territory. We have history in the business of call center management.

Our reputation is stellar – and our ISC WFM systems will do the same for you. ISC Workforce Management Cloud Service — it’s simply the best!

Let’s start the conversion today — US to YOU. Person to person. Call us — we are looking forward to hearing all about your company and your contact center needs, and ready to offer a customized, cost effective Cloud hosted workforce management system that is best for your organization, the people who work for you AND the people who contact you.

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Thanks for the latest upgrade, ISC – I really love the new Incharge Screen!

What is ISC’s Cloud Service?

ISC WFM Online is the secure, hosted Cloud-based version of our proprietary call center forecasting and scheduling system.

How is it delivered?

Our system is delivered to you as an ongoing monthly service subscription. No long term contract is required.

Detail overview

The ISC WFM System seamlessly generates forecasts, schedules and performance metrics. It becomes your access portal to manage your contact data through a totally customizable intuitive dashboard.

Is it secure?

Yes! Your call center management data is maintained on state of the art Cloud servers, that are encrypted using today’s most secure technology.

How quickly can it be up and running?

ISC WFM can be implemented for your center in as little as one week. Once done, access is available from wherever you are, whenever you choose.

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