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Let’s start the conversation on how to make your call center better. Our experienced, customer service focused representatives are here to provide that information. Don’t expect a ‘sales call’ – because you won’t get it. But do expect to get excited about the comprehensive and innovative features that are part of our industry leading call center scheduling systems.

Available in three distinct formats, our reps will help you decide which version of our product offerings is the right fit for your organization. Remember that everything is customized to your individual needs.

On our call together we can also discuss training for your call center employees – from agents all the way up through the management chain of command. ISC is all about people – that’s the essence of any successful call center. The initial call with our knowledgeable representative will display the type of customer service that ISC can give your call center 24/7/365.
(as well as that extra leap year day that happens every 4 years!)

Thank you ISC — now I can keep the focus on my creative and production efforts, knowing that my customers are being taken care of well.

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