More Than Just a Forecasting & Scheduling Software System

The ISC WFM Enterprise version of our contact center control system is so much more than forecasting and scheduling software. Unlike so many others, we are NOT a new upstart selling a functional newly developed algorithm written by a tech team.

ISC has decades of innovative workforce management expertise. The system we incorporate for your organization is customized for your needs, and our support is there for you every day. As a WFM consultant for so many years, we know that success revolves around ONE thing: People!

And THAT’s one of the many areas where OUR experience comes into play. ISC knows how to keep every person in the chain functioning full force, on all cylinders. Everything working together. That’s a lot of horsepower for your brand. The power to effectively connect your call center with people 24/7/360 – continually creating an abundance of both real time AND memory archived positive brand reinforcement.

Our reputation is stellar – and our ISC WFM systems will do the same for you. ISC Workforce Management Enterprise – it’s simply the best! There is NO other choice.

Let’s start the conversion today — US to YOU. Person to person. Call us — we are looking forward to hearing all about your company and your contact center needs, and ready to offer a customized, cost effective networked enterprise workforce management system that is best for your organization, the People who work for you AND the People who contact you.

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Any large call center that requires a sophisticated, workforce management system that has to meet stringent requirements would do very well with the ISC WFM software.

What is ISC’s Enterprise Service?

ISC WFM Enterprise is the version of our proprietary call center forecasting and scheduling system that is seamlessly integrated into your organization’s computer network.

How is it delivered?

Our system is delivered to you as comprehensive workforce management software – along with high-level technical support for installation, maintenance and customization into your company network. It does not stop there. Our team is continually available as your partner to ensure your company has the advantage of the best contact center scheduling system available.

Detail overview

The ISC WFM System increases your organization’s efficiency throughout your global teams, ensures compliance, and supports personnel rotations across time zones. Forecast accuracy is consistently over 90%. Schedules are generated fast, and save your company money by determining the right amount of representatives at the right times. It connects and integrates with your internal systems – ticket systems, tracking – to create full feature workforce management that reduces your companies overhead.

Is it secure?

Yes! Your call center management data is integrated into — and maintained — on your organization’s own secure network.

How quickly can it be up and running?

ISC WFM can be implemented into your network system in as little as one week. Once done, access is available from wherever you are, whenever you choose.

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