ISC Workforce Management’s Forecast feature gives your call center the advantage of proprietary technology that provides the most accurate forecasts available today.

Workload forecasts are a vital element in creating efficient agent schedules that meet your performance targets. ISC WFM lets you generate forecasts based on your center’s most recent call history or any period in your call history database.

ISC WFM forecasts by time-of-day intervals for greater accuracy. Calculations of the required workforce are based on feedback from actual contact-handling data. This provides more accurate workforce requirements than the standard formulas or “simulations” used in many products.

Greater Forecast Accuracy for Your Call Center

You can develop forecasts for individual services or whole multi-service, multi-skill teams with just a few manual entries and the click of a button.

To check forecast accuracy, a Forecast Quality report compares each interval in a forecast with the actual call traffic handled during the forecast period. ISC WFM’s proprietary forecasting assures accuracy of forecasts above 90%.

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